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StyleKorean EU B.V. is a K-Beauty Total Solution Platform
With our expertise in the K-beauty field, along with the rapidly growing wave of K-beauty, StyleKorean EU B.V. aims to become the number one K-beauty provider in Europe. We work towards being your ultimate business partner by going above and beyond, utilizing our expertise to help you succeed.
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Connecting Europe retailers with the most wanted K-beauty brands.
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Who We Are
Founded in 2023
Operating Branches in the Netherlands and Poland
Operating Warehouses in Poland
StyleKorean EU B.V. is a subsidiary of Silicon2 Co., Ltd., the largest K-beauty distributor in the world. With over a decade of international expertise, Silicon2 Co., Ltd. has been consistently expanding its presence in the European regions and in 2023, StyleKorean EU B.V. was successfully launched.

StyleKorean EU B.V offers the most wanted K-beauty brands to various retailers and wholesalers around Europe.
We invest and support our brands to flourish in Europe
We invest and support our brands to flourish in Europe
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Poland Inventory
We operate a large warehouse covering 2,740 square meters,
holding K-beauty stock capacity of over 10M EUR.
Our warehouse is strategically located in the center of Europe, Poland, targeting to
quickly assist all European countries.
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Our Distinction
EU Authorization
StyleKorean EU B.V. only carries authorized K-beauty brands that comply with EU regulations including CPNP registration and EU packaging.
Direct Supply Chain in Korea
With our headquarters in Korea, we currently work directly with K-beauty brands,
providing only authentic products with competitive prices.
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Our Brands
    Work with StyleKorean EU B.V.,
    your most trusted K-beauty distributor in Europe.
    Eliminate the guesswork to achieve the results you need.